Physicians save time and money with a PC Based EKG Machine

Physicians save time and money with a PC Based EKG Machine
Modern medical science takes assistance from modern technology. The medical technology has developed to unimaginable heights in past century. Doctor’s diagnostic skills are now aided by computers and diagnostics equipments.
These diagnostic equipments are very precise and are expensive. Every individual medical practitioner can not afford these equipments no matter how much he desires to have those. In such case he has to refer the patients to bigger institutes, in spite of being capable of treating patients. PC Based EKG can solve this problem in applicable cases.
EKG or ECG is electrocardiogram. Heart is a pump which ahs to work non-stop during life and that too in proper rhythm. Heart functions by electrical pulses named as sequence PQRST. Any change in these pulses changes heart function. Due to this fact EKG or ECG is most important diagnostic test for detecting heart problems. As routine check up people undergo stress test. In stress test system, person is made to take brisk walk or to run on a belt. This makes his heart work under stressful condition and during the test, 12 lead EKG is taken to confirm heart functions. The interpretive EKG machines make physician’s job easier. Holter monitor’s is a device that can record ECG continuously even if patient is mobile. Pulse oximeter or finer oximeter is attached to patient’s finger and it continuously measures oxygen concentration in patient’s blood. All these systems are complicated and expensive. These require additional man power and also monitors, recorders for the results. An independent working physician or small clinics can not afford such expenses.
QRS Diagnostic’s have come up with solution for this problem. They have come in market with medical equipment that can be connected to PC, personal computer. A physician can have a EKGCard and convert personal computer or PDA in to 12lead Electrocardiogram machine. Same can be done with help of ‘SpirOxCard and convert PC into, pulse or finer oximeter and monitors blood oxygenation with one computer card device.
These patented QRS devices can save lot of space and also are fairly inexpensive, easy to operate. The time, money and energy saved are also substantial

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