Saving Time and Money With the Axon-II

In the recent article by Kevin Pho, MD, Defensive medicine accounts for 20 percent of MRI scans and x-rays, he reviews a study where orthopedic surgeons admit roughly 20% of ordered images for a patient are primarily for a ‘defensive’ purpose.   The study shows 70% of the ‘defensive’ images were conventional x-rays, while only 25% were MRI scans.  Although just one quarter of the images were MRI’s, they accounted for 75% of the costs.

Without getting into the discussion of validating defensive medicine, it’s clear that there are new and more accurate technologies for patient diagnosis available.  For example, a patient in pain showing signs of nerve pathology could have a 15 minute test done with an Axon II Neural Scan in any Primary Care/Internal Medicine office.  Ruling in or out a nerve issue makes a significant impact on the next step, as well as avoidance of costly and timely tests like EMG and MRI.  Using machines like the Axon II will save patients time and money, and decrease unnecessary medical costs in the medical industry as a whole.

Matt Berens

Sales Director

Advanced Clinical Products

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