Pocket-Dop 3 Assists Researchers in Monitoring Endangered Sea Turtles

CareFusion has taken up a humanitarian cause through the aid of sea turtles. The company recently recently donated a Pocket-Dop 3 Hand-Held Doppler to be used in the health assessment of Western Pacific leatherback turtles, an endangered species.

The Pocket-Dop 3 is used to monitor heart rates in turtles during boat-based capture operations. A human obstetrical doppler with a low frequency (2-3 MHz) probe is necessary to detect heart rates in these large animals. In addition to monitoring pacific turtles, the Pocket-Dop 3 has been used by veterinarians to monitor heart rates in leatherbacks on the east coast, as well as in other species of sea turtles during the Gulf oil spill.

For more information on the Pocket-Dop 3, or to make a purchase, please call 877-646-3300 or visit Medical Device Depot.

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