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In Response to Dr. Alan Cato’s Pill Mill Editorial

In response to a very passionate Dr Alan Cato, who recently commented on the current exploitation of the pain epidemic, I think he brings up many truths, but no constructive input.  His article, How pain as a vital sign contributed to prescription pill mills, is a direct attack at the Joint Commission’s “Pain: the Fifth Vital Sign” movement back in 2001.  I agree, when a large governing body wants to guarantee that anyone in pain is receiving treatment, and that treatment is a vastly profitable industry, it will enable exploitation.  However, it is only exploited if there are unclear indices and diagnoses, and that is the real discussion.  Pain is perceptual, pain is  qualitative, and the current tools like EMG and MRI are borderline ineffective at providing specific, quantitative information.  The key is innovation, education and regulation.

Innovation means not settling for inadequate technology to diagnose pain.  EMG is a strictly motor/muscle test, with no ability to test pain specific fibers; but it is the first prescription when a patient comes in with neck or back pain.  MRI is anatomical, not physiological.  As of right now, the only FDA approved device on the market to diagnose and pinpoint specific nerve pain is the Axon II.  It is quick, painless and accurate, making it a standard piece of equipment needed in any medical office.  The education is needed in medical schools and hospitals where new technology doesn’t permeate traditional, outdated tools.  Lastly, regulation is put in to place when solid, helpful tools like the Axon II are introduced and proven.

Matthew Berens

Director of Sales

Advanced Clinical Products

Improving Blood Pressure Checks

Did you know that your blood pressure can alter at the drop of a hat? KevinMD notes a few easy tips that will help you get an accurate blood pressure reading during your next visit to the Doctor’s Office:
  1. Insist on being seated for at least 3 minutes before your pressure is taken. Even walking from the waiting room back into an examining room will briefly increase your blood pressure.
  2. Take several deep, relaxed breaths in and out before the doctor begins to check your blood pressure.
  3. Relax all your muscles, particularly focusing on the tightness in your neck and shoulders.

Having the right equipment is important as well. Check to make sure that your blood pressure monitor and accessories are up to date. For more information on blood pressure monitors, call 877-646-3300 or visit Medical Device Depot.

Pain Management Epidemic

In a recent article in USA Today, Dr. Kevin Pho addresses the increasingly large pain epidemic.  Citing a report from the Institute of Medicine, Pho notes that 116 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, requiring $635 billion in treatment costs, affecting more people than those with cancer, diabetes and heart disease combined.

Pain is a daily issue for patients and doctors.  In the article Dr. Pho calls out  medical schools for only having 5 of 133 institutions requiring any pain management courses, which translates into a lot of primary care/internal medicine doctors dealing with pain without first having any formal training.  Newsweek published a peer-reviewed study in 2007 stating that 40% of patients seek medical attention because of pain.  Of those, 43% will become chronic.  If this is true, with 4 out of 10 patients walking in to their Dr’s office complaining of pain, better diagnosis and treatment are needed.

I agree with Kevin Pho. There needs to be regulation of highly addictive pain medicine and required pain management education for all physicians.  But more importantly, there needs to be a reformation in how physicians are localizing the source of a patients’ pain, and what options for treatment they are providing them.  For instance, most physicians prescribe EMG or MRI as a first line of diagnostics for pain, but neither test can pinpoint anything regarding sensory pain fibers, the ‘anatomical billboards’ for where pain is coming from.

The only FDA approved device that can do this on the market is the PAIN NCS (Axon II).  A device like the Axon II takes 15 minutes to pinpoint nerve pathology, locate specific nerves involved with chronic pain as well as nerves associated with Fibromyalgia pain.  It’s a test so easy to perform, it could, and should, be a standard piece of equipment in every physicians office.

With regard to prescribing treatment, there are options.  Prescribing Opioid is usually the first course of action because of usually quick acting results.  A lot of physicians are now  using Electrical Stimulation, a non-drug approach, as a front-line approach to pain management.  The HakoMed ProElecDT 2000 uses patented Horizontal Therapy to provide patients with pain relief from arthritis, chronic pain and acute inflammation.  It only takes 5 minutes for the physician to set up a patient and runs for 50 minutes. Studies have shown an immediate decrease in pain within the first treatment for over 25% of patients.

With devices like the Axon II and the HakoMed ProElecDT 2000, doctors should be taking the responsibility of not only increasing their pain management education, but also increasing their diagnostic and treatment capabilities.  When 40% of your daily visits relate to pain, primary care and internal medicine unavoidably become pain management as well.

Matthew Berens

Director of Sales

Advanced Clinical Products

15 Reasons to Choose Welch Allyn Cardiopulmonary/VSM Connected Devices

1) The CP100 and 200, both sold by Medical Device Depot, are the only Box ECGs that have a question button on them that the end user can press, allowing them to print off any accessories with the part #s and any questions they may have on how to acquire an ecg or how to operate through the machine with ease.

2) The CP100 and the PC-Based ECG have the best cost on the market which is great for your customers in these difficult economic times.

3) Welch Allyn cardiopulmonary/vital signs monitors together interface with 90+ EMRs.

4) Welch Allyn is interfaced instead of intergrated; therefore, if the EMR ever goes down for maintenancing the end user will still be able to do ecg or spirometry testing. If you are integrated into an EMR and your EMR goes down you can not do any ECG or spiro test.

5) Welch Allyn cardioperfect software licensing agreements is very affordable for your customer coming in packs of 5, coming standard with the release codes on the software so that your customer will always be able to easily reinstall the software if their computer would ever crash.

6) We lowered our stress system pricing by $2000. Also our stress system, I feel coming from the GE side of things, is much easier to use than most products on the market.

7) More support in the field than anyone else out there. You have me in Western PA, West Virginia. Chris Miller, Western PA, Northern West Virginia. Mike Lonneman, Southern West Virginia. Noel Carroll, Cardiopulmonary manager based out of Cleveland, OH. Dennis Shields, field service engineer for Welch Allyn cardiopulmonary.

8 ) Cardioperfect workstation will allow your customers to easily transmit data to their EMR and to also still be able to work within their EMR without slowing down any workflow whatsoever.

9) Welch Allyn Leaders Program gives you the opportunity to receive spiffs by just sending me in for a demo on cardiopulmonary and VSM products. All you have to do is bring me to the dance and you will get a SPIFF from Welch Allyn. How cool is that!!?!?

10) The CP200 is the only box that connects to more EMRs than any other out on the market.

11) The CP200 is the only unit that allows your customer to do ecg and spirometry testing on one machine!

12) CP100 and 200 can hold up to 20,000 ecgs on a 2gb SD Card in the SD port on the side of the box ECG. Only one of its kind.

13) Welch Allyn Cardiopulmonary products I feel have the most detailed reliable interpretation on the market for your customer. By having a very detailed interpretation, this allows your customer to feel confident and at ease when diagnosing a patient.

14) Spot LXi = quick vitals in one to two minutes, speeds up workflow, connects with EMR and to Health O Meter scales.

15) Need I say more??

Huntleigh Trade-In Offer

Huntleigh is offering an exciting trade-in offer for their dopplers. Trade-in a doppler and receive 10% or $100 off the purchase of a new Huntleigh Doppler. This offer applies to the following dopplers:

Offer ends December 31, 2011.

Huntleigh’s wide range of vascular and obstetric dopplers provide heightened sensitivity, enhanced audio performance, and a 5 year warranty. For more information or to make a purchase, call 877-646-3300 or visit Medical Device Depot.

Welch Allyn CP 200 Electrocardiograph Benefits

The Welch Allyn CP 200 Electrocardiograph is an impressive multi channel electrocardiograph. This is a stand alone device with a great deal of flexibility, and you can choose it to be a major help in just about any medical practice. It is very suitable for your hospital setting or personal office.

This device is ready for EMRs and will be a major boon to office efficiency wherever it is placed. We have found that this ECG makes it very easy to do patient tests. It also is a breeze to manage patient information. We find this to be incredibly important because it allows you to do the tests you need to do, then to go back and work with your patients.

You will always be able to rest easy in knowing that you will get very accurate readings with this ECG, resting with 12 leads. We also noted that you can order a MEANS ECG interpretation software option.  It is really helpful for many doctors to have the confidence of the software giving them a second opinion and supporting the diagnosis.

Another impressive part of this ECG is the lead quality graphic. This is a major time saver by letting you know fast if there is one poor connection. Another big time saver is the fact that it has a complete keyboard and full size LCD display. You find that it makes it a much easier process to type in the information of that patient.

Another reassurance for users is that the ECG by Welch Allyn has a full array of highly advanced filters on board. You get the most optimal ECG trace quality. You always can be assured that your readings are the best in accuracy. Optional spirometry is also available.

For more information on the CP 200 or to make a purchase, call 877-646-3300 or visit Medical Device Depot.

Benefits of the Huntleigh Multi Dopplex II Bi-Directional Doppler

The Huntleigh Multi Dopplex II Bi-Directional Doppler is one of the best and most advanced dopplers that you can find on the world market. This product gives you the ability to perform the highest level of vascular assessment for your patients.

If you utilize this product with one of the high sensitivity vascular probes, it gives you very high quality, bi-directional information on blood flow. You also can link it to the excellent Dopplex Reporter software product. This gives you the highest quality waveform reports, and also the Dopplex Printa if you need single waveform recordings.

Other features about this product that stand out to our team of testers include integral battery management, and outstanding audio output. The Huntleigh Dopplex also includes a very wide array of 8 probe options complete with proper code probing.

You also benefit from a built in loudspeaker, and a convenient output for headphones. The bi-directional LCD display has been significantly enhanced for easy reading in all conditions.

Another helpful feature is the five level waveform calibration function, an excellent time saver. You also will benefit from this product’s gain control, and its auto shut off and active noise reduction. It also calculates and prints FHR and has complete obstetric capabilities.

If you like, you also can purchase a convenient stand for this Huntleigh Doppler. It gives you a highly effective and very sturdy mobile holder for the Doppler. The stand is made of steel and gives you a very stable base on four wheels. It also features a locking platform so the Dopplex is secured and safe. A basket is also on this unit so you can use it to hold gels, wipes and your extra probes.

For more information on this doppler or to make a purchase call 877-646-3300 or visit Medical Device Depot.

Featured Product: Welch Allyn PC-Based Resting ECG

The Welch Allyn PC-Based Resting ECG has the ability to transform any PC you have into an electrocardiograph with most of the features of an actual, dedicated machine. The intuitive Windows software operation makes it very simple for anyone on your staff to learn how to use this ECG. The power and features of your Windows PC can be used to save your practice money, and also boost the utilization of equipment you already own. You do not have to keep buying entirely new pieces of equipment; you can just add on to the pieces that you already own.

You can also use the large screen of your PC or laptop for your ECG screen. You no longer have to be worried about small, unreadable screens to read your results. You have a big, bright screen to look at so that you can see even the smallest details of the read out. You will be able to have the utmost confidence in the accuracy of your diagnosis.

Also, the ECG measurement systems in this product make it easier for you to quickly review and interpret results. Report formats are completely programmable. They print on plain paper and use your local inkjet or laser printer. It’s really helpful that you are able to so easily print out highly readable reports with this ECG.

Also, you can order the optional ECG interpreter that will help you make your diagnosis. This can sometimes speed your diagnosis decision process. Plus, you can upgrade this product with stress, spirometry and ABPM modules. This way you can always expand the cardiopulmonary suite on your PC.

The Welch Allyn ECG comes with a patient cable, PC interface cable prolink, electrodes and 10 alligator clips.

Featured Obstetrical Dopplers

If you are looking for an obstetrical Doppler, there are many good choices on the market today. For example the Nicolet Elite 100 Non-Display Doppler is one of the top products on the market today in its field, and is definitely worth a close look.

This product gives you just about everything that you might need in a top Doppler system:

  • Very effective at detecting the heartbeat of the fetus.
  • Assists in monitoring peripheral arterial and venous blood flow.
  • Includes a probe shape that is very comfortable and makes it quite simple to find a signal.
  • Gives very clear, static free sound.
  • Comes in a very compact package that fits easily in a pocket.
  • Multiple configurations to meet your exact requirements.

This Nicolet doppler gives you four basic models from which to choose, and each of them has a number of probe options available. The doppler also includes pre-angled crystals with the broad beam technology and the large probe face. This makes it easier to locate the vascular signals quickly.

Another good option in obstetrical Dopplers is the Summit LifeDop 150 Non-Display Hand Held Doppler. The probes in this Summit doppler have electronics built in that give you a great deal of sensitivity, complete interchangeability and the absolute tops in durability. You can select the best probe for your practice and you always can purchase more probes down the road. For example, the 2 MHz probe is suited for deeper penetration and the 3rd trimester pregnancy. The 5 MHz probe is made for fetal heart detection earlier in the pregnancy, and also is good for retroverted or overweight patients.

For more information on obsetrical dopplers or to make a purchase, call 877-646-3300 or visit Medical Device Depot.