Benefits of the Huntleigh Multi Dopplex II Bi-Directional Doppler

The Huntleigh Multi Dopplex II Bi-Directional Doppler is one of the best and most advanced dopplers that you can find on the world market. This product gives you the ability to perform the highest level of vascular assessment for your patients.

If you utilize this product with one of the high sensitivity vascular probes, it gives you very high quality, bi-directional information on blood flow. You also can link it to the excellent Dopplex Reporter software product. This gives you the highest quality waveform reports, and also the Dopplex Printa if you need single waveform recordings.

Other features about this product that stand out to our team of testers include integral battery management, and outstanding audio output. The Huntleigh Dopplex also includes a very wide array of 8 probe options complete with proper code probing.

You also benefit from a built in loudspeaker, and a convenient output for headphones. The bi-directional LCD display has been significantly enhanced for easy reading in all conditions.

Another helpful feature is the five level waveform calibration function, an excellent time saver. You also will benefit from this product’s gain control, and its auto shut off and active noise reduction. It also calculates and prints FHR and has complete obstetric capabilities.

If you like, you also can purchase a convenient stand for this Huntleigh Doppler. It gives you a highly effective and very sturdy mobile holder for the Doppler. The stand is made of steel and gives you a very stable base on four wheels. It also features a locking platform so the Dopplex is secured and safe. A basket is also on this unit so you can use it to hold gels, wipes and your extra probes.

For more information on this doppler or to make a purchase call 877-646-3300 or visit Medical Device Depot.

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