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Medical Device Depot wins Welch Allyn’s April Monthly Leaders Prize

Congratulations to Medical Device Depot sales manager John Gladstein, who was recognized today by Welch Allyn for submitting the most product leads in the month of April. With 23 leads submitted, John Gladstein continues the tradition of excellent salesmanship and hard work brought forth by all Medical Device Depot employees.

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Welch Allyn Connectivity to DETECTO Digital Scales

DETECTO, a manufacturer of medical scales has partnered with Welch Allyn, a leading global provider of medical diagnostic equipment to enable automated interfacing between their devices. DETECTO professional medical scales which utilize the model 758C weight indicator can interface with the Welch Allyn Connex Vital Signs Monitor 6000 Series and the Welch Allyn Connex Integrated Wall System.

The following DETECTO scales are capable of interfacing with the Welch Allyn devices:

Model Number Scale Description Scale Family
8437S Stainless Steel Scale, Waist-High Digital Digital Column
8430S Stainless Steel Scale, Waist-High Digital and Height Rod Digital Column
FHD-133-II Geriatric/Bariatric Wheelchair Scale 36″x36″ Wheelchair
FHD-144-II Geriatric/Bariatric Wheelchair Scale 48″x48″ Wheelchair

These DETECTO scales feature a USB port which will interface with applicable Welch Allyn Devices via the DETECTO-supplied USB cable. These scales can operate on either battery or AC power and transmit weight with 100% accuracy.

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Cosmed vs. ReeVue

The difference between Cosmed and ReeVue (and why we carry Cosmed)
  • Cosmed devices have real-time quality control measurements to detect a leak in masks, improper breathing and avoid extratesting and longer test time.
  • Part of the software package for the Fitmate gives you the ability to fully customize your reports (ReeVue has a standard/pre-set report).
  • Fitmate has a capacity to store over 500 tests in the device itself, as well as having an internal printer.  The Korr ReeVue cannot store any reports, and the results have to be printed immediately following each test.
  • Fitmate shows real-time data display on wide color LCD screen, ReeVue has a 15 character display.
  • CosMed Fitmate: $5500  / FItmate Pro: $7900 (that has V02/exercise testing as well, FDA approved)
  • Korr ReeVue: $4995
  • Cosmed has either re-usable masks ($130 per), 5 different sizes / Disposables are $390 / 50 ($7.50 per )
  • ReeVue only has disposables,  $125 / 20 ALSO needs Metabreather (per test) $180/20

A reimbursable primary care solution for home sleep testing!

The Midmark Sleepview Monitor: A reimbursable primary care solution for home sleep testing. Save $405 if purchased before the end of May!

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List Price: $3,500
Our Price: $3,095

Home Sleep Testing (HST) brings the diagnosis and management of OSA to the front lines of primary care. Patients can be tested in the comfort and convenience of their own homes without an observer and with fewer sensors attached to their body. This reduces anxiety, leads to a more natural night of sleep, and improves patient acceptance of test protocol.

Sleepview provides a monitor for home recording of sleep and a web portal for access to registered polysomnographic technologists. Board-certified sleep physicians provide scoring, professional interpretation, and treatment recommendations. 

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What is sleep apnea?

Medical Device Depot offers 0% Interest For 12-Months

Medical Device Depot has joined forces with Americorp Financial, LLC to offer 0% interest for 12 months on purchases of over $10,000! All deals are subject to acceptable credit, and rates do not include sales tax or shipping charges with first and last payments required in advance.

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