5 vintage medical devices and what’s replaced them now

Looking back into history, medical professionals have had to use some pretty unbelievable equipment. From gruesome methods to shocking devices, there have been some serious strides.

Your practice certainly isn’t this outdated, but it is encouraging to see how far the medical device industry has come. With constant updates to technology, medical devices are more advanced than ever, providing patients with a much more enjoyable and far less fear-inducing experience. After seeing what doctors and nurses had to use in the past, even the most hesitant patient will be grateful for all of the amazing technology doctors have available today. From surgery to check-ups, all of these devices will have you and your patients counting their lucky stars that we live in a modern world that has far surpassed these outdated devices.

  • Surgical saw – This very basic tool looks more like something you would use in grade-school shop class.
  • Portable operating chair – While it was important to immobilize patients in the World War II-era that this chair came from, it resembles more of a electric chair than a operating table.
  • Vintage syringe kit – The size of the needle is sure to make anyone cringe.
  • 16th-century bullet extractor – The bullets most likely hurt just as bad on their way out.
  • Portable Polio Respirator – This chest respirator helped patients lengthen their life with a vacuum that causes the chest to expand so that more air is drawn into the lungs.

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