Guidelines for reprocessing medical devices

Some devices in hospitals and offices are made for one-time use. These are used and then thrown away. But many of the high-price items are used repeatedly and for multiple patients. There are specific safety measures involved to ensure that such devices remain safe for use with multiple patients. Perhaps these measures include cleaning guidelines for protective covers. Whatever the specific case, there are countless devices that require users to closely follow instructions for reprocessing.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently made changes to their guidelines on reprocessing used medical devices. The final guidance clarifies testing protocols and which data should be submitted to the agency for a pre-market submission.

The six criteria for communicating reprocessing instructions to manufacturers are:

  1. Labeling should reflect the intended use of the device.
  2. Reprocessing instructions for reusable devices should advise users to thoroughly clean the device.
  3. Reprocessing instructions should indicate the appropriate microbicidal process for the device.
  4. Reprocessing instructions should be technically feasible and include only devices and accessories that are legally marketed.
  5. Reprocessing instructions should be comprehensive.
  6. Reprocessing instructions should be understandable.

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