What’s new in ultrasound technology?

The medical device industry is constantly growing thanks to new innovations and patient demand. Ultrasound technology is no different, and 2015 has seen its fair share of change in this industry.

Like many other technologies in health care and beyond, ultrasound technology is becoming smaller, lighter and more portable, ensuring practitioners can bring the technology where they need it the most at any time.

At the University of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, a team is perfecting the use of robotics to assist in the difficult task of central line insertion, reducing the failure rate and the discomfort suffered by patients. The device is operated by a joystick and cuts insertion time from eight minutes to two minutes while increasing the success ratio.

Meanwhile, an Oxford, UK, company is developing a unique piece of ultrasound technology called SonoTran, which is aimed at helping chemotherapy drugs penetrate the difficult-to-enter center of solid tumors.

Finally, FBI investigators are using ultrasound technology in the form of biometrics to improve retinal scanning and voice-activated access to buildings and security-dependent areas. While not a part of the medical industry itself, it is interesting to see how ultrasound technology has branched out into other fields.

As the health-care industry continues to grow new, technologies appear daily to assist medical professionals with providing service to their patients. To learn more about the latest medical devices that can assist you in your practice, visit MedicalDeviceDepot.com.

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