Top Medical Device Industry Events of Fall 2015

Collaboration can be a boon to innovation. If you ever find yourself stuck at a certain point while working on a project, oftentimes all it takes is a fresh perspective to grease the gears once again. Whether you are uninspired, in need of a jump start for some new ideas, or you just want to continue learning about your chosen field, industry events are the place to go. You can be new to the field or a weathered veteran, and you will still leave an industry event with a sense of accomplishment and wonder. With so many options and focuses, industry events can help you to network, catch up on the latest innovations or even market your own brand. If you want to stay up to date and remain competitive, it would be wise to attend at least a few events each year.

This fall, there is no shortage of wonderful Medical Device Industry Events. With a number of great options, you can surely find one that suits your specialization, interests and desired location. Check out any of these popular events coming in the month of September:


  • San Diego – A unique, intimate event dedicated to education and networking for medical device professionals. TheMEDevice San Diego educational conference program features the industry’s very best subject matter experts as they gather to address timely and relevant issues that impact your device design project.


  • Philadelphia – Join us at the world’s largest medtech design and manufacturing event and connect to the inspiration, partnerships, education and technologies that drive medical device innovation.
  • Minneapolis – Attend the region’s most comprehensive medical device event and benefit from access to world-class education and hundreds of critical suppliers. Learn to create more innovative products, discover improved reimbursement strategies, find new materials and designs for 3D printing, get firsthand advice from leaders at Minnesota OEMs, hospitals and payers, and enjoy countless networking opportunities.
  • Florida – Event highlights include hundreds of exhibitors specializing in medical device development, MedTech Innovate seminars, complimentary technology presentations and more.


  • San Jose  Find the nation’s top suppliers, an array of design and manufacturing resources, and the education you need to outperform the competition.
  • Wireless Medical Devices Conference, San Jose – Take a comprehensive journey through current and upcoming developments in wireless device technology. Learn and collaborate with industry experts during this two-day event.

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