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Best Route for Medical Device Shipping

Picking out your perfect medical device is only part of the process. Once you have made the selection, your device needs to make its way from the warehouse to your office. No matter how big or small the particular device is, a strict process must be followed to ensure that your device is inspected, approved and prepared for shipping so it gets to your office ready to work.

While all Medical Device Depot customers can track their purchases through the “My Account / Order Status” link on the site, buyers can always contact customer service with any questions or concerns. Getting the right shipment in pristine quality isn’t something to compromise on when it comes to medical equipment. You want to ensure that everything you order is up to code; with Medical Device Depot, you can expect just that. While you might typically expect a private shipping company, UPS no longer limits its services to goods like birthday presents and clothing orders. In September 2015, the United Parcel Service opened a new health-care-compliant distribution and warehousing facility in New Jersey. This step will help support the growth of UPS customers, and it will also support the growth of UPS itself.

The new facility is the first in UPS’s network to offer medical device companies comprehensive logistics services. The site will feature autoclave capabilities, instrument inspection, surgical set replenishment services, and more. Because the site is located right next to the UPS airport, health-care manufacturers and distributors can reach more than 80 percent of U.S. hospitals within four hours. This helps provide the best possible care to patients in a timely matter. No matter how hospital owners approach the logistics of a given situation, they can never plan for the unpredictable. That’s why an urgent shipping service like this one could come in handy.

While Medical Device Depot will continue to offer its reliable shipping and international shipping policies, we are always keeping our eye on the future to see what the best solutions are for our buyers and their practices.

Making Your Practice ADA Friendly

Patients with disabilities require care just as frequently, if not more frequently, than other patients. While they may visit your practice more often, many doctors’ offices fail to accommodate patients in wheelchairs. In a March 19th Annals of Internal Medicine survey, 22 percent of medical and surgical sub-specialty practices indicated they could not accommodate patients in wheelchairs, mostly because they couldn’t transfer them to an exam table. More than two decades after the Americans with Disabilities Act was implemented, it is bewildering to think that the medical community has not effectively met these requirements.

To make your practice more accessible to people with disabilities, the number-one issue to address is the exam table. Since so many offices do not have an ADA table, their plan, according to the survey, has been to manually move patients from their chair to the table, which is neither safe for the patient or the medical team. A table like the Hausmann Powermatic Wheelchair Accessible ADA Exam Table allows patients to adjust themselves onto the table, just like any other patient who visits your practice. Offering this streamlined solution is the most inclusive and safest option for an ADA-compliant practice.

The entire layout of the office should be taken into consideration as well, beyond wheelchair ramps extra-wide door frames. Exam rooms should be set up to have enough space for someone to wheel their chair into the room and get up next to the exam table. More than 3 million U.S. adults who use wheelchairs have difficulty gaining access to physicians and receive less preventive care than other adults, according to Dr. Tara Lagu, M.D., lead author of the Annals article. This type of limited access to medical care is simply unacceptable.

Help your practice stand out from the crowd by making it fully ADA accessible. Doing so doesn’t require a full renovation and it may even be as simple as getting a new exam table, which is a small price to pay for equal care.