A Hassle-Free Overnight Oximetry Test

There are a number of reasons doctors and nurses would need to monitor the blood oxygen saturation of a patient’s limbs during rest, including during or after sedation, monitoring lung medicines, after increased activity levels, or in the cases of sleep apnea, pneumonia or heart attacks. While the list goes on, most doctors can agree that an oximetry test is useful to have on hand. The SPO 7500 measures blood oxygen saturation levels and heart pulse rate through a wearable device, much like a watch, which keeps big machines out of the equation.

This simple test can be administered while the patient sleeps, and unlike other overnight oximetry monitors, this wrist oximeter is barely noticeable. In fact, the unit sits comfortably on the patient’s wrist, so long leads and wires won’t get tangled. When the patient awakes, the data can be transferred easily to your system using the USB Data Transfer Cable. Not only is this process is quick, but all the readings are stored for 80 hours. This means you have some flexibility and can wait awhile to transfer the patient’s data in case more pressing concerns demand your attention.

Because this test does not cost anything to run time after time, your practice will yield $24.72 in total reimbursements each time you administer it. A little boost to your revenue will help everyone at your practice sleep a little more soundly as well.

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