Glaucoma Testing

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in the United States. An elevation in eye pressure can lead to damage to the optic nerve. This pressure is caused by a buildup of a fluid that flows within the eye, which typically drains. While glaucoma usually affects older adults, those who are at risk should be tested regularly. Because the most common form of glaucoma often comes without any warning signs, regular screenings are necessary for detection and treatment.

Measuring intraocular pressure is most efficient way to detect glaucoma. Patients will prefer this new kind of glaucoma testing because it does not require that pesky puff of air common to previous tests. The Diaton Tonometer Glaucoma Screening Device simply measures pressure over the eyelid. Patients with contact lenses can even keep their lenses on. This non-invasive technique eliminates any risk of infection or scratching of the cornea. Without any need for numbing drops, no recovery time is needed. Your patients will be able to walk out of your office just as easily as they walked in.

This test takes a mere two minutes to conduct and brings in $63.76 in reimbursements. Because it doesn’t require any disposable equipment, there is no recurring cost with each test administered. The entire reimbursement can go right back in your practice to fund more amazing devices and equipment. Browse the inventory of Medical Device Depot to see if your practice needs any other items to better serve your patients.

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