Hemoglobin Test

Hemoglobin is the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen to organs and tissues, transporting carbon dioxide away so it can be expelled back out through the lungs. This protein has a very important role, and as a result, it is essential that it remains at a healthy level within the body.

Low hemoglobin means a patient is anemic. Various causes can lead to many different types of anemia, and these can vary from iron deficiency to liver disease. Follow-up tests can determine the type, cause and recommended treatment plant. A higher-than-normal hemoglobin level, for example, could indicate Polycythemia vera, dehydration or that the patient lives at a high altitude, to name a few. Bottom line, if the body’s hemoglobin level is below or above normal, the hemoglobin test results should be evaluated — along with other tests — to determine how best to bring the hemoglobin level back within the normal range.

In order to perform an accurate test, you will need a reliable device. The AimStrip Hb Test System Starter Kit is easy to use and always gives accurate readings thanks to its automatic and factory calibration. You can simply insert the test sample and read results in fewer than 15 seconds. With such quick results, a $3.31 total reimbursement can quickly add up to profits for your practice.

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