Why a Colposcope is Necessary to Detect Cervical Cancer

The death rate among women with cervical cancer has gone down by more than 50 percent over the last 30 years, according to theĀ American Cancer Society. Why? An increase in Pap tests, mainly. Pap tests show whether a patient has abnormal cells on the cervix and if further tests are needed. When a Pap comes back abnormal, physicians should use a colposcope to examine the area more closely and determine whether the patient requires a biopsy.

A colposcope looks similar to binoculars and is essentially a magnifying tool used to see the cervix up close. TheĀ ZoomStar Colposcope with Trulight, which can be purchased through Medical Device Depot and has an average reimbursement of $94.21, provides a colposcopy of the entire vagina, with cervix if present. This high-quality equipment features a full range of magnification from 4.5X to 20X, and has an overhead suspension system to ensure unobstructed access to the area being examined. With a colposcope designed to help physicians accurately analyze abnormal cells, patients can feel confident choosing the next steps after results are given.

A colposcopy typically takes around 20 minutes. Patients will not feel any less comfortable during a colposcopy than they would during their regular Pap smear tests. They will, however, be given more answers. Help patients stay on top of their health by offering this essential service at your practice.

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