Provide preventive foot care with the diabetes assessment screening kit

Diabetes is a serious disease that can lead to foot problems, ranging from ulcers to amputation, if not managed properly. All individuals with diabetes should schedule a yearly examination to assess their current foot condition, which allows your medical team to check for high-risk conditions, such as peripheral neuropathy or altered biomechanics. With the right equipment, your vascular or diabetes specialist can accurately and affordably evaluate patients in-house. Essential tools, like the Huntleigh Diabetic Foot Assessment Kit allows your staff to assess neuropathy, ankle brachial pressure index (ABPI) and toe brachial pressure index (TBPI) in patients.

This Diabetic Foot Assessment Kit offers multiple features and benefits, including:

  • Connects with all High-Sensitivity probes.
  • Provides bi-directional blood-flow information and documentation.
  • Integral battery management.
  • Enhanced audio output.

The kit also comes with all necessary accessories, such as headphones and box of Neuropen tips, making it a convenient and useful tool for your practice.

Patients with diabetes deserve the most thorough and accurate examination possible to manage their condition and prevent serious foot problems. With the Huntleigh Diabetic Foot Assessment Kit from Medical Device Depot, you can equip your diabetes specialist with high-quality assessment tools for an affordable cost. Learn more about this essential tool and find more superior, affordable medical tools by visiting Medical Device Depot today.

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