4 features to look for when shopping for a pediatric scale

For doctors, nurses and medical assistants, the most difficult patients to perform checkups on are often babies. Babies squirm and often cry during appointments, making it harder for medical staff to obtain accurate measurements. That’s why it’s important to have a pediatric table designed specifically for newborn care. Here are four features to look for as you begin browsing your options.

Digital display

8440-ScaleA digital display provides the exact weight, reducing the possibility of human error. Detecto makes a superior digital baby scale, which has a 1.0-inch high transflective LCD display. Get yours through Medical Device Depot.

Lock-in weight feature

Even with typical newborn movement, you’ll be able to achieve an accurate weight measurement if your table has a “lock-in weight” feature. When the weight stabilizes, it is “locked” essentially and displayed clearly for you to read and record.

Built-in measuring tape for length

Now you can weigh babies and measure their length all in one place. When searching for a pediatric scale, make sure it also features a measuring tape to record how much the baby has grown.

Easy cleanup 

6745Cleanliness is a must in all medical facilities. A baby scale that is easy to clean reduces preparation time for each patient, and still ensures a safe environment for the newborn.


The right equipment can enhance your patients’ experience during checkups. Find a wide range of pediatric scales at Medical Device Depot, along with many other types of medical supplies.”

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