Diagnose OSA with the SleepView Monitor

Some medical conditions can’t be diagnosed by visiting the clinic or through lab work, but require the patient to actively administer the test themselves. To many in the medical field, this may seem daunting as the margin for error can be relatively high when left to nonprofessionals.

However, engineers and designers have gone to great lengths to make it easy for those who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) to properly diagnose their condition.

SleepView MonitorThe SleepView Monitor works when the provider suspects a patient may be suffering from OSA and orders a sleep test to be performed. The patient leaves with the SleepView Monitor and, following the easy instructions their health care provider gave them, sets up and runs the test in their own home. In some ways it’s as simple as strapping on a heart and airflow monitor, sleeping through the night, then returning the collected data to the clinic’s office. From there, a board-certified sleep physician interprets the data and makes a recommendation for treatment.

The convenience and precision of this self-administered sleep test is ideal for clinics or health care services with multiple locations. Regardless of the specialists on hand, it allows for a maximum number of patients to be tested for OSA and for an expert to make sense of the data and provide an accurate diagnosis. This allows for more people to be diagnosed, treated and to live better lives.

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