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EKG Paper

While speaking with doctors about EKG machines, I have found that doctors have many misconceptions not about reading EKGs, but about the EKG machines themselves. One of the main misconceptions involves EKG paper. For example, I hear many times a day that “I have an old Burdick EKG machine so I will buy a new Burdick so that my cases of paper will be utilized.”

Rarer, older Burdick EKG machines will not fit newer machines. EKG machines know to move the paper forward through a black mark or a hole in the EKG paper called a Q mark. These marks come in various sizes and are found in different places on the paper. I know this is more info than you ever wanted on EKG paper.

-John Gladstein

Medical Device Depot

EKG Machines for First-Class Pilot Physicals

The FAA accepts transmissions from the following EKG machines.

FAA EKG Transmission Support Line: 1-800-681-8687


Atria 3100, Atria 6100 – 405-954-1973 (MDD)

Schiller & Welch Allyn

AT-10 – 405-954-1971 (No Link)

Phillips Medical Systems/HP

M1700A XLi – 405-954-1975 (Rest MMO)

M1770A 200i – 405-954-1975

M1771A 200 – 405-954-1975

Pagewriter 300 Pi – 405-954-1975

GE Marquette Electronics

MAC 1000 – 405-954-1979 (async)

MAC 1200 – 405-954-1979

MAC 5000 – 405-954-1979

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Welch Allyn Offers ‘Set Me Up’ Rewards for New Offices, Clinics

Get your practice or clinic started with Welch Allyn's Set Me Up program

Get your practice or clinic started with Welch Allyn's Set Me Up program

Welch Allyn has created a new rewards program geared specifically for new practices and clinics.  By ordering from a comprehensive set of medical equipment, you can receive reward credit from Welch Allyn for each item.

Ranging from $25 to $500 credit on nearly 40 of Welch Allyn’s top sellers, you can be sure that you’ll be able to receive free equipment on your next order.  Make a purchase of three integrated diagnostic systems and one thermometry device and you’ll qualify for the Set Me Up program.  The more you order, the more rewards you’ll receive.

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