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Bionet Year-End Promotion

Cardio7 EKG MachineBionet is offering an exciting end of year promotion for their top-selling devices!

Receive the following accessories with purchase of a Bionet Cardiocare 2000, Cardiotouch 3000, or Cardio 7 EKG Machine.

Receive the following accessories with purchase of a Bionet BM3 Plus Patient Monitor.

  • 10 rolls of paper (Item #ECG-PP, ECG Medi-Graph Paper – 10 rolls/box)
  • 1 esophageal temperature probe (Item #TEM-PRV-R, Temperature Probe – Esophageal/Rectal Type)

Receive the following accessories with purchase of a FC700 or FC1400 Fetal Monitor.

  • 10 rolls of paper (Item #ECG-PP, ECG Medi-Graph Paper – 10 rolls/box)
  • 2 probe belts (Item #FC-BELT, Probe belt)

Offer ends December 31, 2012. For more information or to make a purchase, call 877-646-3300 or visit Medical Device Depot.

Bionet Cardio7 Comparison Chart

The Cardio7 ECG Monitoring System is Bionet’s latest innovation in ECG machine technology. This 12-channel PC-based interpretive resting ECG offers enhanced usability, data analysis and data management. With pediatric diagnosis, audible QRS, and a memory capability of up to 120 patients, this machine is suitable for a wide variety of clinical needs.

The Cardio7 offers several advanced features over the competition, including a bigger screen along with increased networking capability with USB memory and a barcode scanner.

Click here to view a market comparison chart highlighting the advantages of the Cardio7 over similar ECG machines.

For more information on the Cardio7, call 877-646-3300 or visit Medical Device Depot!

Welch Allyn For Leaders Only 2011 Results

Congratulations to John Gladstein, the top explorer in the Welch Allyn For Leaders Only Program in 2011! John Gladstein submitted the most product leads for Welch Allyn products including EKG machines, spirometers, and vital signs monitors during 2011.

Click here for the entire list of 2011 For Leaders Only Winners.

Medical Device Depot carries all Welch Allyn products at the best prices. Call 877-646-3300 or visit our website to make a purchase.

Where to Find Discount EKG Machines Online

For customers looking for EKG machines online, a Google search for ‘discount EKG machines’ will result in an overwhelming number of results. Over 1.7 million websites are returned, which indicates that this is definitely a well-represented area of Internet medical equipment sales. Although customers will have to be very selective in their research, due to the large amount of information, due diligence is still an important strategy here.

Electrocardiogram machines, also known as EKG or ECG machines are a primary diagnostic device used in many medical offices, clinics and hospitals. They are used to monitor, measure, and record the electrical activity of the heart and are essential in diagnosing a wide variety of different kinds of heart problems.

People who have a genetic history of heart disease or who fall within certain risk groups for contracting heart disease should receive regular EKG testing as a preventative measure. Many, however, never have the test because the doctors from whom they receive their regular check-ups don’t have access to the necessary equipment. The main reason for this is that, until recently, the cost of quality EKG equipment has been prohibitively high.

With the intense competition fostered by the Internet, however, easy access to EKG machines online has had a huge impact in lowering the price of these units. Fast moving technological advancements have also enabled manufacturers to make these diagnostic devices smaller, cheaper and packed with features that, just a few short years ago, would have cost ten times as much to purchase. They have also added computerized interpretation of test results, making the systems easier to use and more accurate.

EKG machines can still be found listed at prices of $35,000 and more, but now these same machines can be found online for less than half that price. These discount EKG machines can be obtained brand new through thousands of online outlets. This includes top-quality equipment from such manufacturers as:
Besides buying new equipment at deep discounts, another alternative to procuring quality EKG monitors is to buy a used, refurbished unit. There are numerous online sites that specialize in second-hand equipment and many that sell both new and used models. Another option for clinics or medical practices on a tight budget is to consider new equipment in a lower price range. While these more affordable machines may not have all the bells and whistles the more expensive units have, they have the capability to do the job properly and completely. Many economically-priced, new EKG monitors can be found online for $2,000 or less.

An EKG machine is an essential diagnostic tool and no doctor’s office or medical clinic should be without one. High cost of the equipment no longer needs to be a reason to be ill-equipped in this area.

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Welch Allyn Spirometry Upgrade Offer

This summer is the perfect time to replace your old EKG Machine with this exclusive offer from Welch Allyn:

Trade in your old ECG for a Welch Allyn Interpretive CP 200™ or PC-Based Resting ECG, and get a Spirometry upgrade at no charge!

Offer ends August 19, 2011. For more information or to make a purchase, call 877-646-3300 or visit Medical Device Depot!

EKG Paper

While speaking with doctors about EKG machines, I have found that doctors have many misconceptions not about reading EKGs, but about the EKG machines themselves. One of the main misconceptions involves EKG paper. For example, I hear many times a day that “I have an old Burdick EKG machine so I will buy a new Burdick so that my cases of paper will be utilized.”

Rarer, older Burdick EKG machines will not fit newer machines. EKG machines know to move the paper forward through a black mark or a hole in the EKG paper called a Q mark. These marks come in various sizes and are found in different places on the paper. I know this is more info than you ever wanted on EKG paper.

-John Gladstein

Medical Device Depot