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Welch Allyn Spirometry Upgrade Offer

This summer is the perfect time to replace your old EKG Machine with this exclusive offer from Welch Allyn:

Trade in your old ECG for a Welch Allyn Interpretive CP 200™ or PC-Based Resting ECG, and get a Spirometry upgrade at no charge!

Offer ends August 19, 2011. For more information or to make a purchase, call 877-646-3300 or visit Medical Device Depot!

EKG Paper

While speaking with doctors about EKG machines, I have found that doctors have many misconceptions not about reading EKGs, but about the EKG machines themselves. One of the main misconceptions involves EKG paper. For example, I hear many times a day that “I have an old Burdick EKG machine so I will buy a new Burdick so that my cases of paper will be utilized.”

Rarer, older Burdick EKG machines will not fit newer machines. EKG machines know to move the paper forward through a black mark or a hole in the EKG paper called a Q mark. These marks come in various sizes and are found in different places on the paper. I know this is more info than you ever wanted on EKG paper.

-John Gladstein

Medical Device Depot

EKG Machines for First-Class Pilot Physicals

The FAA accepts transmissions from the following EKG machines.

FAA EKG Transmission Support Line: 1-800-681-8687


Atria 3100, Atria 6100 – 405-954-1973 (MDD)

Schiller & Welch Allyn

AT-10 – 405-954-1971 (No Link)

Phillips Medical Systems/HP

M1700A XLi – 405-954-1975 (Rest MMO)

M1770A 200i – 405-954-1975

M1771A 200 – 405-954-1975

Pagewriter 300 Pi – 405-954-1975

GE Marquette Electronics

MAC 1000 – 405-954-1979 (async)

MAC 1200 – 405-954-1979

MAC 5000 – 405-954-1979

CareCenter MD™ Diagnostic Workstation Promotion

Cardiac Science is offering a special promotion for their new CareCenter MD™ diagnostic workstation!

Buy now (before September 30, 2010) and choose one of the following items FREE:

  • Cardiac Science 5300 vital signs monitor – a $1,160 value
  • Rebate check – a $350 value
  • One laptop computer – a $650 value

(While supplies last. Cardiac Science reserves the right to substitute incentives of equal or comparable value.)