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Get a better reading with an external electrocardiographic recording

An ECG or EKG may allow you to see your patient’s heart activity, but it provides only a glimpse of a bigger picture. Because abnormal heart rhythms and cardiac symptoms come and go throughout the day, a singular test won’t always show everything that is happening. In order to get the bigger picture, patients need to be recorded throughout an entire day. A holter monitor, or external electrocardiographic recording, is a battery-operated portable device that measures and records the heart’s activity continuously for 24 hours. It is essentially a portable ECG that allows you to watch a patient’s heart rate in real time as he or she moves through the day. It has wires with small electrodes that attach to the skin, so it offers a non-invasive test that can yield insightful results.

With each test you run, your practice will earn $125 in reimbursement. The disposable parts cost just $6 for each test, so you still keep a significant profit. Each individual test takes 3 minutes to hook up to the patient and then another 5 to 10 minutes to print and edit the report when the device is removed. The external electrocardiographic recording can be worn for up to 24 hours, monitoring the patient’s heart rate while he or she completes daily activities. The Nasiff CardioCard PC Based Holter ECG System is Medical Device Depot’s top pick when it comes to holter monitors. You can choose from five or seven leads and trust in the reliable and accurate reporting. The system is even EMR compatible (Allscripts MyWay, AthenaNet, Centricity, ChartMaker, eClinical Works, LytecMD, Medent, NextGen, Office Ally, OmniMed, PractiseFusion) and comes with a free database-management system, which integrates patient history so you can diagnose with confidence.

Great news from Midmark!

GREAT NEWS!  Our partner, Midmark, has extended their “Case of the Hassle-Free Holter” promotion until January 31st, 2009!  Until the end of the month, when you purchase a Midmark holter, you’re eligible for free items…

With the purchase of an EZ holter (available from Medical Device Depot for only $4,895), you’ll receive one of the following – a $500 rebate, one additional recorder (a $1838 value), or one IQmark Digital Spirometer with Calibration Syringe (a $2246 value).

If you’re more interested in the Advanced Holter (available for $6,495), you’ll receive a $1,000 rebate, TWO additional recorders (a $3,676 value), or one IQmark Digital ECG (a $3.995 value).

Check out Midmark’s flyer for this promotion.  If you have any questions, feel free to email sales@medicaldevicedepot.com or call us at 877-646-3300.