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Testing the autonomic nervous system function

Autonomic neuropathy occurs when there is damage to the nerves that control involuntary bodily functions, such as digestion, blood pressure and bladder function. It’s a group of symptoms that can be caused by a number of different diseases and factors, ranging from diabetes to alcohol abuse. When patients show symptoms of autonomic neuropathy and have a condition such as diabetes, testing might not be needed. Autonomic testing is designed for patients who have autonomic neuropathy symptoms, but don’t have any risk factors.

There are numerous ways to test for autonomic neuropathy and the test you choose may depend on the patient’s symptoms. Cardiovagal innervation testing, for example, monitors the heart rate’s response to deep breathing. Medical Device Depot also offers equipment designed to test the patient’s beat-to-beat blood pressure and pulse-wave velocity. Testing averages about 15 minutes and only costs a dollar per test. With this investment, your practice will see a total reimbursement of $200.

Autonomic testing can help patients determine the cause of their symptoms and steer your practice in the right direction for helping them find treatment. Learn more about your options for autonomic testing by contacting the experts at Medical ​Device Depot today.​

Medical Device Depot Sales Manager Undergoes ANS Testing

John Gladstein, Medical Device Depot’s Sales Manager, recently attended a training session for Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) Testing, where he experienced a patient ANS test first hand.

Sales Manager John Gladstein plays the role of the patient in an ANS Test.


Testing of the Autonomic Nervous System is a recommended standard of care by the American Diabetes Association for patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. This can be performed through the Critical Care Assessment System. Testing is of great value as a preventative tool, approved by FDA and covered by most insurances.

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