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What’s the difference between a sterilizer and an autoclave?

As a medical professional, your main goal is to keep your patients happy and healthy — and that starts with sterilizing your equipment. But finding the right sterilization equipment, like sterilizers and autoclaves, can be tricky and expensive. So be sure you’re investing in the right tools for your practice. Here are some helpful hints:

What’s the difference between a sterilizer and an autoclave?

ez10k-2A sterilizer is a general term for any piece of equipment that can sterilize. An autoclave falls under this category of equipment. An autoclave sterilizer’s purpose is to kill all forms of life on the surface of an object like fungi, spores, viruses and bacteria. Autoclaves use only steam to disinfect, while other sterilizers might use high pressure, irritation, chemicals, filtration or a combination of processes to sterilize a surface. Additionally, steam autoclaves also have an auto-lock feature as an extra safety precaution.

How do you choose the right sterilizer?

10-2701-2Choosing the right sterilizer will depend on your sterilization requirements, sizing needs and how much space you have for storage. You’ll want to choose a sterilizer that can accommodate your equipment load and size. The chamber in your sterilizer needs to be at least the length of your longest instrument. It’s also important to find a trustworthy vendor.

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Bovie Medical launches Sleep Well, You Bought a Bovie Promotion

Bovie Medical launched the 2011 Sleep Well, You Bought A Bovie® Promotion on April 1, 2011. The promotion, which runs through June 30, 2011, offers a five-year manufacturer limited warranty on the Aaron® 940™, Aaron® 950™, and Aaron® 1250™, with the opportunity for free accessories with each purchase based on the model purchased:

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Tuttnauer reconditioned autoclaves in stock!

In need of an autoclave?  Here’s a list of the reconditioned Tuttnauer models we have in stock.  Each unit comes with a 6-month warranty.

Product Description Available Price
1730E Automatic LSI Autoclave 1 $1947.09
2340EA Automatic LSI Autoclave 4 $2698.62
2540MK Kwiklave, 10″ x 18″ 4 $2665.41
3870EA Automatic LSI Autoclave 2 $7933.50
3870M Autoclave, 15″ x 27″ 1 $6991.32
EZ10K Fully Automatic Kwiklave 1 $3087.30
EZ10KP Fully Automatic Kwiklave 1 $3437.85
VALUEKLAVE Valueklave 7″ Manual Autoclave 3 $1296.42

These prices are available while in stock.  Call us at 877-646-3300 to make a purchase today!