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Detecting peripheral artery disease through ABI systems

​Similar to coronary artery disease, peripheral artery disease, or PAD, is a vascular disease that involves a narrowing of the peripheral arteries to the stomach, legs, arms and head. While this condition is serious and can lead to loss of limbs or a heart attack, it is also a condition that can often go undiagnosed. People who suffer from PAD may experience pain while walking or exercising but are not always aware that this pain relates to a problem with their heart.

Like most medical conditions, early detection is crucial to keeping PAD in check and ensuring patients get the treatment they need to continue to lead a healthy life.

abi_250_imageThe Summit LifeDop ABI 250 Reimbursable Vascular Doppler is an effective and portable way to diagnose PAD.

It works by employing a bi-directional Doppler, which helps you study upper or lower extremity arteries with ease. The display shows the direction of blood flow and frequency of the Doppler signal, giving the practitioner the ability to detect signs of PAD in a patient.

In addition, this portable, noninvasive method features a fast, waveform printer that can easily print out adhesive labels for reimbursement report forms.

Simple to use, effective and designed to meet reimbursement criteria, the Summit LifeDop ABI 250 is a powerful piece of equipment that helps patients and makes financial sense for practitioners.​

Long-Awaited EU Medical Device Legislation

It has been a long time coming, but the European Union has finally reformed the current medical device legislation. The whole ordeal started back in 2012 with two proposed regulations, one for medical devices and one for in vitro diagnostics (IVDs). These new regulations were aimed at producing better quality and safety for patients. While scientific and technological advances has skyrocketed in previous years, medical device and IVD legislation has still lagged behind. The wait to bridge that gap is finally coming to an end after a long and difficult legislative process.

Manufacturers will now be scrutinized with stricter post-market surveillance requirements. The risks of any device must be offset by acceptable likelihood of benefits. Companies will be required to submit periodic safety update reports annually and respond to public health threats swiftly and with their full force. This model has worked well for pharmaceutical companies, so it is expected to translate well to medical devices.

Although some in the industry may disagree with these provisions, it is a sign of progress to finally be moving once again. With safety checks and surveillance requirements, devices like new EKG machines and dopplers will be ready for patient use. Give your patients the best possible care by purchasing through Medical Device Depot, which stays up to date on all of the latest rules, regulations and legislation in the industry.

Wallach Surgical Merges With Summit Doppler

According to an announcement by Wallach Surgical, both Wallach Surgical and Summit Doppler are consolidating into one company under the Wallach Surgical name.  Summit Doppler products will continue being sold normally, just under the Wallach label.  Its doppler lines of high-performing vascular and obstetrical dopplers will be a significant addition to Wallach Surgical’s Colposcope and Cryosurgical lines to provide comprehensive diagnostic and surgical support.



Huntleigh Trade-In Offer

Huntleigh is offering an exciting trade-in offer for their dopplers. Trade-in a doppler and receive 10% or $100 off the purchase of a new Huntleigh Doppler. This offer applies to the following dopplers:

Offer ends December 31, 2011.

Huntleigh’s wide range of vascular and obstetric dopplers provide heightened sensitivity, enhanced audio performance, and a 5 year warranty. For more information or to make a purchase, call 877-646-3300 or visit Medical Device Depot.

Benefits of the Huntleigh Multi Dopplex II Bi-Directional Doppler

The Huntleigh Multi Dopplex II Bi-Directional Doppler is one of the best and most advanced dopplers that you can find on the world market. This product gives you the ability to perform the highest level of vascular assessment for your patients.

If you utilize this product with one of the high sensitivity vascular probes, it gives you very high quality, bi-directional information on blood flow. You also can link it to the excellent Dopplex Reporter software product. This gives you the highest quality waveform reports, and also the Dopplex Printa if you need single waveform recordings.

Other features about this product that stand out to our team of testers include integral battery management, and outstanding audio output. The Huntleigh Dopplex also includes a very wide array of 8 probe options complete with proper code probing.

You also benefit from a built in loudspeaker, and a convenient output for headphones. The bi-directional LCD display has been significantly enhanced for easy reading in all conditions.

Another helpful feature is the five level waveform calibration function, an excellent time saver. You also will benefit from this product’s gain control, and its auto shut off and active noise reduction. It also calculates and prints FHR and has complete obstetric capabilities.

If you like, you also can purchase a convenient stand for this Huntleigh Doppler. It gives you a highly effective and very sturdy mobile holder for the Doppler. The stand is made of steel and gives you a very stable base on four wheels. It also features a locking platform so the Dopplex is secured and safe. A basket is also on this unit so you can use it to hold gels, wipes and your extra probes.

For more information on this doppler or to make a purchase call 877-646-3300 or visit Medical Device Depot.

Featured Obstetrical Dopplers

If you are looking for an obstetrical Doppler, there are many good choices on the market today. For example the Nicolet Elite 100 Non-Display Doppler is one of the top products on the market today in its field, and is definitely worth a close look.

This product gives you just about everything that you might need in a top Doppler system:

  • Very effective at detecting the heartbeat of the fetus.
  • Assists in monitoring peripheral arterial and venous blood flow.
  • Includes a probe shape that is very comfortable and makes it quite simple to find a signal.
  • Gives very clear, static free sound.
  • Comes in a very compact package that fits easily in a pocket.
  • Multiple configurations to meet your exact requirements.

This Nicolet doppler gives you four basic models from which to choose, and each of them has a number of probe options available. The doppler also includes pre-angled crystals with the broad beam technology and the large probe face. This makes it easier to locate the vascular signals quickly.

Another good option in obstetrical Dopplers is the Summit LifeDop 150 Non-Display Hand Held Doppler. The probes in this Summit doppler have electronics built in that give you a great deal of sensitivity, complete interchangeability and the absolute tops in durability. You can select the best probe for your practice and you always can purchase more probes down the road. For example, the 2 MHz probe is suited for deeper penetration and the 3rd trimester pregnancy. The 5 MHz probe is made for fetal heart detection earlier in the pregnancy, and also is good for retroverted or overweight patients.

For more information on obsetrical dopplers or to make a purchase, call 877-646-3300 or visit Medical Device Depot.

Summit Doppler 4th Quarter Promotions

Summit Doppler is offering several exciting doppler promotions to end the year:

Offers end December 31, 2011. For more information please call 877-646-3300 or visit Medical Device Depot.

Pocket-Dop 3 Assists Researchers in Monitoring Endangered Sea Turtles

CareFusion has taken up a humanitarian cause through the aid of sea turtles. The company recently recently donated a Pocket-Dop 3 Hand-Held Doppler to be used in the health assessment of Western Pacific leatherback turtles, an endangered species.

The Pocket-Dop 3 is used to monitor heart rates in turtles during boat-based capture operations. A human obstetrical doppler with a low frequency (2-3 MHz) probe is necessary to detect heart rates in these large animals. In addition to monitoring pacific turtles, the Pocket-Dop 3 has been used by veterinarians to monitor heart rates in leatherbacks on the east coast, as well as in other species of sea turtles during the Gulf oil spill.

For more information on the Pocket-Dop 3, or to make a purchase, please call 877-646-3300 or visit Medical Device Depot.

Summit Doppler Q2 Promotion

Summit Doppler is offering an exciting new Q2 promotion: Purchase the Vista AVS and save $1,000 on the new Vantage ABI! After the purchase of the Vista AVS and Vantage ABI (offer applies to either model) customers must contact Summit Doppler to request a mail-in-rebate form to receive the rebate. Please note that the Vista AVS and Vantage ABI systems must be purchased at the same time to take advantage of this mail-in rebate offer.

For more information or to make a purchase, call 877-646-3300 or visit Medical Device Depot.