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The new generation of portable ultrasounds

Of all the things people can now do with their laptop, from having face-to-face video conferences with people from around the world to shopping for virtually anything, many are surprised to learn just what a laptop is capable of in a medical setting.

SeeMore_Ultrasound_ProbeThe SeeMore General Purpose Abdominal Probe is one such next-generation device, a handheld ultrasound that plugs directly into your laptop, transforming it into a portable ultrasound device. Recognized as one of the top ten innovations of the year by the International Academy of Science, this revolutionary device can be used in clinical applications involving the kidney, liver, gallbladder, abdominal aorta, uterus and bladder, as well as for a FAST (focused assessment with sonography for trauma) exam. And it can do so for a fraction of the cost of other portable ultrasound devices.

Capable of displaying 256 shades of gray, and featuring an autoscan as well as scan and view modes, you can easily save, store and print images, and at an incredibly low price point. With its built-in measurements, calculations, annotations, cine loop, zoom functions and more, you can be sure you get clear, precise images every time you use it.

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What’s new in ultrasound technology?

The medical device industry is constantly growing thanks to new innovations and patient demand. Ultrasound technology is no different, and 2015 has seen its fair share of change in this industry.

Like many other technologies in health care and beyond, ultrasound technology is becoming smaller, lighter and more portable, ensuring practitioners can bring the technology where they need it the most at any time.

At the University of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, a team is perfecting the use of robotics to assist in the difficult task of central line insertion, reducing the failure rate and the discomfort suffered by patients. The device is operated by a joystick and cuts insertion time from eight minutes to two minutes while increasing the success ratio.

Meanwhile, an Oxford, UK, company is developing a unique piece of ultrasound technology called SonoTran, which is aimed at helping chemotherapy drugs penetrate the difficult-to-enter center of solid tumors.

Finally, FBI investigators are using ultrasound technology in the form of biometrics to improve retinal scanning and voice-activated access to buildings and security-dependent areas. While not a part of the medical industry itself, it is interesting to see how ultrasound technology has branched out into other fields.

As the health-care industry continues to grow new, technologies appear daily to assist medical professionals with providing service to their patients. To learn more about the latest medical devices that can assist you in your practice, visit

Equipment Spotlight: Ultrasound Machines

Ultrasound machines allow radiologists to see inside the human body in a non-invasive, non-harming way. These high-frequency sound waves that are used to produce diagnostic images are also known as sonographies. They can be used in any number of procedures or diagnostic work, from detecting disease to checking the health of a baby in the womb. Although the ultrasound was first used for clinical purposes in 1956, it has gone through many updates and revisions.

As with most medical devices, ultrasound technology has only improved with age. Faster computers with more memory have the capacity to store more information and run more efficiently. As technologies continue to evolve, 3D ultrasounds will most likely become more highly developed as well.

Mindray is one of the leading manufacturers of ultrasound machines for in-vitro diagnostics and medical imaging, as well as veterinary medical imaging. Mindray, which can be purchased through Medical Device Depot, is committed to providing the most up-to-date and accurate equipment. Mindray has always given top priority to product quality and was one of the first medical equipment companies in China to obtain TUV ISO9001/13485 Certification, CE Mark and FDA Clearance.

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Buying tips for Ultrasound Machines

Much faster than x-rays and without the use of radiation, ultrasounds are the preferred form of radiographic techniques. Ultrasou­nds have been used successfully in obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology and in cancer detection for many years. Because they are a staple in many medical offices, it is important to understand how to find the best quality for each application. As a medical professional you don’t want to pour too much money into a piece of equipment that you won’t use enough, but you definitely don’t want to skimp when it comes to quality either. When looking for an ultrasound to add to your office, there are a few guidelines to follow to ensure you get the best for your practice.

When buying ultrasound machines consider:

  • Size – Do you need portable or stationary?
  • What will it be used for? Obstetrics and Gynecology, Cardiology or Urology?
  • Check the certifications to ensure that the machine is held to its strict safety standards. Look for USA/FDA/GMP, CE Mark/MDD and ISO 9001 certifications.
  • The technical specifications – Thigns like power output, imaging required, color Doppler and whether a DICOM or a DIGITAL system is required.
  • Check for a warranty or return policy.

Ultrasound machines can cost a pretty penny. If you are trying to stick to a budget, consider a used machine if you want a top brand such as ATL. Many offices choose to buy used machines or lease machines as well. If you are going to trade in an old machine, that can help make it more affordable, too.

SeeMore™ General Purpose Abdominal Probe

Transform your laptop into an ultrasound machine with the Ultrasound Imaging Probe, the first ultrasound probe that plugs directly into your laptop. Recognized as one of the top ten innovations of the year by the International Academy of Science, SeeMoreTM extends your vision beyond your fingertips.

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