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Trump Tax Plan Aids Your Bottom Line

Key Section 179 Benefits Doubled for 2018

Savvy medical practices will profit from the new tax rules in 2018. The Section 179 deduction limit has increased to $1,000,000 (from $500,000) and is good on new and used equipment. In addition, the spending cap on equipment purchases has increased to $2.5 million. This is the maximum amount that can be spent on equipment before the Section 179 Deduction available to your company begins to be reduced on a dollar for dollar basis. This spending cap makes Section 179 a true “small business tax incentive.”

And finally, the bonus depreciation is now 100% and is made retroactive to 9/27/2017. The bonus depreciation also now includes used equipment.

That means that if you buy (or lease) qualifying equipment, you can deduct the FULL PURCHASE PRICE from your gross income. It’s an incentive created by the U.S. government to encourage businesses to buy equipment and invest in themselves. This can make a real difference to your bottom line at the end of the year.

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Make your office more efficient by purchasing exam tables, EKG machines, spirometers, vital signs monitor and any other medical equipment that you may need.

Section 179 can provide you with significant tax relief for the 2018 tax year, but equipment and software must be financed and in place by midnight December 31, 2018. Get the equipment you need now and save on 2018 taxes.

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Hospital Medical Equipment Inventions of the 1960s

There have been many great advances in hospital medical equipment over the last century, but most of us take them for granted.  The scientific community has graced us with some revolutionary pieces of hospital medical equipment that have saved many lives and generally helped people live longer and better.  And many of the new pieces of hospital medical equipment that have been introduced have opened the door for even more equipment inventions.  Consider the following simple pieces of equipment that are now taken for granted, which did not even exist before the 1960s.

Hospital Medical Equipment of the 1960s

Hospital Medical Equipment of the 1960s

The laser scalpel is still a pretty impressive piece of hospital medical equipment, but it is used in so many different procedures that it is no longer appreciated as the delicate and precise technological wonder it is.  Laser scalpels were not invented until 1964, thanks to testing beginning in 1960 that eventually led to the carbon dioxide laser.  Portable defibrillators were also introduced in 1960 in Belfast, Germany.  They are now about as common as first aid kits.  Ultrasound machines were developed around the same time, in 1962 to be exact, although they are not quite as easily portable.

The early 1960s were really quite a time for hospital medical equipment inventions.  Balloon catheters were invented by Thomas Fogarty in 1963. Fogarty patented the first balloon catheter that became the industry standard for continuous draining of the bladder, which is crucial during surgery.  And the first portable EKG, or electrocardiogram, was built in 1961 by Frank Sanborn’s company.  Although EKGs were already an accepted piece of hospital medical equipment, they had never been portable prior to that.

These equipments are now taken for granted in hospitals and other medical care settings, but life wouldn’t be the same without them.  It’s a good thing about living today.

Home Medical Equipment Helps Injured People Live Normal Lives

Home Medical Equipment Helps Injured People Live Normal Lives

Home Medical Equipment Helps Injured People Live Normal Lives

No one anticipates getting into an accident, but for those who do it is often necessary to invest in home medical equipment and rehabilitation in order to live any sort of normal life during recovery, and sometimes permanently.  Those who are lucky enough to survive an accident and are released from the hospital may need home medical equipment to monitor their condition during recovery or assist in their daily living indefinitely.  From wheelchairs to EKG machines, there are many types of home medical equipment that an accident survivor might need after they have been sent home from the hospital.

Some of the various home medical equipment items that an accident survivor or their caregiver might need to purchase include oxygen tents, iron lungs, catheters, CPAPs, wheelchairs, hospital beds and nebulizers, just to name a few.  Some of this equipment may be covered by health insurance plans.  Some home medical equipment is not covered by insurance or the individual who needs it may be uninsured, so there are affordable options such as used equipment, financing and payment plans.

Those hurt in accidents aren’t the only ones who need home medical equipment; there are many people who rely on it every day who have never been in an accident.  People who were born disabled, have contracted diseases, have become bedridden for various reasons or are elderly may also need various medical equipments to serve their home healthcare needs.  In the case of disabled or bedridden persons, equipment such as electric scooters, rollators, grabbers and magnifiers are also required for daily activities.

There are various companies supplying high quality and durable home medical equipment to assist individuals with injuries, conditions and disabilities.  There is no way of knowing if any of us may someday need this equipment to live a normal life.

Finding the Right Medical Supply Company is Key

Finding the Right Medical Equipment Supplier is Key

Finding the Right Medical Equipment Supplier is Key

Injured, disabled, bedridden and elderly people all need some sort of medical supply items, whether it is only temporary during their recovery or permanently.  If you have been injured or are taking care of a disabled or elderly person, you may need to find a medical supply company to purchase items that are necessary for the home health care of yourself or your patient.  It is of the utmost important to ensure that each medical supply is of the highest quality and guaranteed to be in working order by a reputable supplier.  It is a life and death matter.

There are various medical supply companies that are ready to provide almost any sort of medical equipment and supplies imaginable.  Whether the equipment is new or refurbished, it will always be in good working order without any visible or internal damage if you purchase it from a reliable and respected vendor.  Most of these medical supply companies operate with customer satisfaction being their primary goal because they know they may soon be out of business otherwise, so they provide excellent quality equipment as well as fantastic service after the sale has been complete.  Look for BBB Accreditation and other credentials before purchasing.

If you or someone you know has been injured or permanently disabled, it is vital to find a medical supply merchant that delivers all of their products on time and good as new.  Most of the companies supplying these supplies and equipments train their staff to be courteous and offer the most dedicated service, which is something quite unusual in these times.  But if they can’t get the supplies to you on time it could be very dangerous, or at least very uncomfortable.

Finding the right medical supply company is key, whether you are injured, disabled or elderly.

Durable Medical Equipment for Home Recovery

When people are injured badly they often need high quality and durable medical equipment to help continue their recovery at home after being discharged from the hospital.  In bad accidents where the injured person was lucky to be alive, they may need this kind of durable medical equipment in their home indefinitely just to continue functioning on a day to day basis.  No one expects an accident to happen that leaves them or a loved one injured, but it’s good to know there are various companies that can be located online where you can find all the right durable medical equipment to manage your care at home.

There are many benefits to shopping for durable medical equipment online.  For someone who has limited mobility it is very beneficial to be able to get medical supplies without leaving the house, for starters.  It also makes it easier to compare prices and see the various features of different equipment that is available on the Internet in order to find the most appropriate choice for you.  And there are typically customer service representatives who will answer your calls or reply to your emails if you have questions for any of these online companies. 

Before ordering any durable medical equipment and supplies on the Internet, it is important to be sure that your doctor approves of the type of equipment your are ordering and that you or your caregiver knows how to use it properly.  Then you can feel confident that you are making the right decision.  Also, make sure that you are buying authentic durable medical equipment from a reputable online merchant with BBB accreditation.  Since your recovery and day to day living depends on it, the equipment you order always has to be durable and reliable.

Cutting Costs on Medical Equipment for Home Health Care

Cutting Costs on Medical Equipment for Home Health Care

Cutting Costs on Medical Equipment for Home Health Care

Most people who are healthy don’t think about medical equipment much, but if you’ve recently had a stay in the hospital or are preparing to move a bedridden relative into your home, chances are you have been thinking about it a lot. People that have been injured, disabled, or become bedridden need to use various pieces of medical equipment every day just to live a normal life. When patients are treated in hospitals they could not receive the care they need to become well again if their caregivers didn’t have access to advanced medical equipment. And all this equipment gets real expensive really fast.

If you have sustained an injury you may need to continue relaying on medical equipment from home as you make your recovery. This is when many people begin considering previously owned medical equipment. Sometimes used equipment has been gently handled in a previous health care setting and refurbished for reuse. In other cases the equipment has been overstocked or the facility where it was kept had to make room for other equipments, so it was passed on to another vendor before it was even used. As long as you purchase from a reputable dealer that stands behind the quality of their used products it can be very advantageous.

Medical equipment can get very expensive, especially larger pieces, and this can cause a huge financial strain on the individual or care givers who are left with the burden of home health care for an injured or bedridden person. With such high costs, it is worth considering the idea of buying used to save costs. The medical practitioners you have worked with may have information about used equipment, and there are also many online sellers offering high quality pieces of medical equipment that have been gently used.