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Why choose a PC-based EKG?

When you choose a PC-based EKG, you leverage the power of a computer. These EKG systems take advantage of the PC’s unlimited storage capacity, large displays, standard printers and network connectivity, which are all limited or unavailable on the standalone systems.

The best systems integrate all primary tests for stress, Holter and resting, and offer built-in connectivity to a computer (or tablet) via Bluetooth, USB or both, as well as connectivity to a web portal (clinic locations can send EKGs to a central hospital).

7 advantages of PC-based EKG systems over standalone box units

• Ease of use: point and click, large display, standard printers
• Unlimited database
• No need for hardware upgrades. Upgrade via software.
• Use industry standard communication protocols between EKG and EMR
• Save money on paper, compared to thermal paper of standalone EKG systems
• Work with Windows PCs, Macs or tablets (iPad, Android and Windows tablets)
• Web portal

Featured Product: Welch Allyn PC-Based Resting ECG

The Welch Allyn PC-Based Resting ECG has the ability to transform any PC you have into an electrocardiograph with most of the features of an actual, dedicated machine. The intuitive Windows software operation makes it very simple for anyone on your staff to learn how to use this ECG. The power and features of your Windows PC can be used to save your practice money, and also boost the utilization of equipment you already own. You do not have to keep buying entirely new pieces of equipment; you can just add on to the pieces that you already own.

You can also use the large screen of your PC or laptop for your ECG screen. You no longer have to be worried about small, unreadable screens to read your results. You have a big, bright screen to look at so that you can see even the smallest details of the read out. You will be able to have the utmost confidence in the accuracy of your diagnosis.

Also, the ECG measurement systems in this product make it easier for you to quickly review and interpret results. Report formats are completely programmable. They print on plain paper and use your local inkjet or laser printer. It’s really helpful that you are able to so easily print out highly readable reports with this ECG.

Also, you can order the optional ECG interpreter that will help you make your diagnosis. This can sometimes speed your diagnosis decision process. Plus, you can upgrade this product with stress, spirometry and ABPM modules. This way you can always expand the cardiopulmonary suite on your PC.

The Welch Allyn ECG comes with a patient cable, PC interface cable prolink, electrodes and 10 alligator clips.