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Does your office need a stress test system?

Patients who complain of chest pain or those who have a history of heart disease may require stress testing. A stress test system can be used to discover how the heart responds to exertion. Because exercise makes the heart pump harder, a stress test can reveal problems within the heart that may go undetected in a regular stationary checkup.

Stress tests help you:

  • Determine the likelihood of coronary artery disease.
  • Identify abnormal heart rhythms.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a cardiac treatment plan.
  • Develop a safe exercise program for patients.

You can opt to install a stress cart like the Midmark version or a complete set like the Welch Allyn model. Each system will use some sort of cardio exercise to increase the patient’s heart rate and activate the respiratory system, but it is up to your practice to determine whether a treadmill or stationary bike is the best option. Many tests require only moderate movement, but some may require more vigorous exercise. For a truly accurate test, such as an electrocardiogram, heart rate and blood pressure should be monitored.

On the other hand, if you rarely do stress tests at your location, it may make more sense to send patients to a specialist or to a hospital that is outfitted with the necessary equipment. Complete stress test systems can be paid for in payment plans, but they still require a large investment from your practice. If you do not frequently offer this type of test to patients, continuing to outsource the testing may be a wise financial decision.

If your practice would benefit from a stress test system, Medical Device Depot has many options available for you to consider, meaning you’ll no longer need to send patients elsewhere to have extra testing done. Instead, you can do it all in-house to provide a diagnosis quickly, allowing your patients to feel comfortable with the caretakers they know and trust.

Stress Test System

Stress Test System

Today our lives are very hectic. We have schedules that are packed from hours way earlier than we should wake up until hours until way later then we should go to bed. Many people have such incredibly packed schedules from a very young age and if you are on any advanced career track you are sure to be pulling incredible hours. The advancement that comes with this is great and is something very important to many people. But it also comes at a very steep cost to life. Stress puts an enormous toll on the bodies and some of the habits that come with a stressful life only amplify this. It becomes difficult to workout and so weight can start to become an issue. It can be difficult to maintain a healthy diet as this may take time and though and so this only adds additional stress on the body. And of the parts of the body that take the most stress it is certainly the heart and circulatory system that take the brunt of the abuse. As such Stress test system setups at doctor’s offices are very important as they can provide you with a red flag that things are getting out of control. An EKG can tell you when you have to take emergency steps to get your health under control.