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Vet supplies online

In addition to selling an extensive line of cutting-edge medical equipment, Medical Device Depot also sells a variety of supplies for veterinary clinics. Here is a cross-section of the many veterinary supplies we carry.

Solaris_Multiparameter_Patient_MonitorSolaris Multiparameter Patient Monitor. This basic but essential patient monitor is suitable for use on horses, cats, dogs and other similar-sized animals. With a display ranging between one to eight wave forms, a 7-leads ECG display and a ST segment analysis, this 10.4-inch screen packs a lot of information. In addition, the OxyCRG diagram and drug dose calculation feature allow for precision monitoring.

Solaris Desktop Pulse Oximeter. Another piece of essential Solaris_Desktop_Pulse_Oximetersequipment suitable for use with cats, dogs, horses and more, this desktop pulse oximeter can connect to the nurse-call network and features a 72-hour data memory and on-screen data replay features. With an optional internal thermal recorder available, this system is a key complement to veterinary surgical instruments.

Wolf_Vet_Dental_X-Ray_FilmWolf Veterinary Dental X-ray Film: Pet Dent. Veterinarians also serve as dentists for their patients. The x-ray film in this package comes in soft vinyl packets so that when animals bite on them, they create a tight, extra-strong seal. This is a crucial part of getting excellent images of an animal’s teeth.


For more information about our veterinary products, feel free to call us at (877) 646-3300 or (410) 750-8757.

Manufacturer Spotlight: ADC

9001xxIt’s Medical Device Depot’s mission to provide practices with the highest-quality equipment available — without exceeding your hospital’s budget. That’s why we seek out leading manufacturers in the industry, those who can provide superior tools for an affordable price. Today, we look at American Diagnostic Corporation (ADC). This manufacturer of diagnostic medical products and accessories for the health-care industry was founded in 1984, and since then has expanded to become one of the world’s leading distributors.

775-2ADC’s products are sold in 60 countries across six different continents, and it’s the largest supplier of stethoscopes and blood pressure instruments in the U.S. Co-founders’ Marc Blistein and Neal Weingart aimed for the company “to produce feature-rich, ruggedly built, value-priced diagnostic medical instruments for the health-care marketplace while maintaining a stable, dependable employment environment for our associates and trading partners.” Thanks to long-lasting partnerships, along with the company’s flexibility and attentiveness, ADC continues to live by this vision today.

9002-2From sphygmomanometers to thermometers, you can find a variety of ADC diagnostic tools at Medical Device Depot. Search our selection today to find the latest ADC products at discounted prices, all to ensure your hospital is stocked with the best supplies.

​Manufacturer Spotlight: Mindray’s mission to provide affordable, high-quality health care​

Working at a medical practice, you face the difficult challenge of having to equip your facility with high-quality tools that are also within your budget. That’s why many health-care providers like your company take advantage of Medical Device Depot’s high-value products and great discounts. At Medical Device Depot, we take the necessary time to make sure every brand offering is one your health-care practice can trust. One such manufacturer is Mindray, a leading global provider of medical devices and solutions. Mindray puts people above all else, and makes it their mission to make quality health care accessible to as many regions as possible.

Mindray is committed to quality and actually was one of the first companies of its kind to secure TUV ISO9001/12385 Certification, CE Mark and FDA Clearance in China. Since then, Mindray has achieved many more milestones, such as setting up research centers in Seattle, New Jersey and several cities in China. With its established distribution and service network, Mindray is able to reduce the cost of quality care across the world.

Find Mindray’s affordable and top-rated medical equipment for your own practice through Medical Device Depot today. From award-winning patient monitors to oximeters, we have a wide selection of discounted medical equipment from Mindray to better equip your practice.

Welch Allyn Launches New Promotions for the Fall of 2015

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For each eligible products during the promotion, you will receive your choice of the following offers:

Welch Allyn For Leaders Only 2011 Results

Congratulations to John Gladstein, the top explorer in the Welch Allyn For Leaders Only Program in 2011! John Gladstein submitted the most product leads for Welch Allyn products including EKG machines, spirometers, and vital signs monitors during 2011.

Click here for the entire list of 2011 For Leaders Only Winners.

Medical Device Depot carries all Welch Allyn products at the best prices. Call 877-646-3300 or visit our website to make a purchase.

Vital Sign Monitors

Vital signs are measurements of the body’s most basic functions. The four main vital signs routinely monitored by medical professionals and healthcare providers include:

• Body temperature

• Pulse rate

• Respiration rate (rate of breathing)

• Blood pressure (Blood pressure is not considered a vital sign, but is often measured along with the vital signs.)

Vital signs monitors provide continuous monitoring of multiple critical parameters, including temperature, noninvasive blood pressure, pulse rate, ECG and oxygen saturation (SpO2), making them suitable for conscious sedation procedures as well as simple monitoring. They are found in the acute care setting as well as clinical and private office settings.

Key Selling Points:

• Ease of transport and portability
• Versatility and flexibility
• The clarity with which readings are displayed
• Their ability to be networked with central workstations
•  Their ability to be incorporated into electronic medical records systems.

Ease of transport of vital signs monitors is a strong selling point in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Some models weighing less than 10 pounds can be easily carried with convenient carrying handles. Many monitors can be stand- and roller-mounted for easy transport. For example, GE Medical Systems touts that its DINAMAP PRO Series Monitor sports roller blade-style wheels for effortless gliding.

Accessories for vital signs monitors can include reusable or disposable cuffs, cuff hoses and power cords. Some units have built-in printers or recorders, so that waveforms and graphic trends can be captured for later review or the record. (Built-in printers and recorders can be especially useful to track apnea events by recording the patient’s respiration, heart rate and oxygen saturation level.) Other models can be connected wirelessly to printers.

Like many technologies, vital signs monitors are becoming smaller and smaller. The Welch Allyn Micropaq wireless ambulatory monitor, for example, features waveform display, multi-parameter monitoring and patient alarm capabilities in a patient-wearable device. This 1-pound unit provides measurement of ECG, heart rate and pulse oximetry. It’s said to be well-suited for use in cardiac care with ambulatory patients connected wirelessly to a network and central nursing workstation.

Data from vital signs monitors could become an integral part of electronic medical records very soon. In fact, as many as 64 GE DINAMAP PRO monitors can be connected to its CHANT Server software for automatic uploading into the electronic medical record.

At least one company – QRS Diagnostics in Plymouth, Minn. – uses PC Card technology to convert off-the-shelf PC, laptop or handheld computers into medical devices, including monitors. The company’s VitalCards product has yet to be cleared by the FDA. However, it’s already marketing cards for spirometry, electrocardiography and spirometry/pulse oximetry. Combined with personal digital assistants (PDAs) that support wireless networking, these cards can be used for mobile wireless health monitoring.